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Little Giant 14013-001 model 17 is one of the best ladder brands available in the market. This beautiful ladder with all its facilities as already created a boom in the field of professional construction and in people who like to maintain their household all by themselves. This model 17 alta one is an articulating ladder of extension height 9 ft to 15 ft and stepladder of height 4ft to 7ft with a storage height of 4ft 7 inch. The light weight ladder is perfect for any kind of heavy duty work around the house and so easy to handle that even children can use it.

Versatility of it makes it the best ladder brands

It is quite sure this folding ladder is not only very adjustable but also very versatile in matter of usage. With the help of its hinge lock system and telescopic sides anyone can easily transform it into an A-frame ladder or a staircase ladder. People can count on the performance of this Little Giant Alta-One Model 17. This item offers perfect stability and safety in any of its 24 unique configurations. It is truly marvellous and best ladder brands.

Configuration of it that makes the ladder the best ladder brand

The structure of the ladder is made of aerospace grade aluminium which makes the ladder very light yet very robust. This is why the ladder is rated to hold up to 250 Ibs on both side of it. Not only this the high quality structure , and the rubber padded feet with widening legs this ladder is perfect for any kind of work in its any configuration. The best ladder brands has kept in mind the durability and safety related with is product with the performance parameters.

Advantages of Little Giant Alta-One model 17

The ladder is a perfect addition to the garage for those who like to enjoy their construction work. Easy to store and easy to use- this is the aim to configure a ladder like this. Customers all around the world are very impressed with this item. Let’s have a look on the advantages the best ladder brands is offering.

  • Aerospace grade aluminium structure provides ultra light and ultra powerful system.
  • The ladder comes with a 24 unique versatile setting.
  • Triple lock hinge system ensures safety of the user.
  • Compatible with all the OSHA and ANSI A14.2 standards.
  • Light weight yet this have been rated to hold up to 250 Ibs in both sides.

Disadvantages of this brand researched so far

There have been few disadvantages of this product. Let’s have a look.

  • Comparatively heavier than other single configuration ladder
  • People get themselves hurt during using this
  • Problems aroused during changing configuration


This product is solely for those who do professional work. Otherwise before using this it, it is recommended to go through the manual provided with the product. Without the knowledge of proper usage this will turn into a nothing but trash and customers will only be irritated.

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