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This brand new multipurpose ladder is proved to be the best roof access ladder. This light weight portable ladder is also suitable for any kind of professional and domestic works. This can be used for construction, roof access, craftsman, gardening, repairing and many more. The flexible ladder comes with verities settings like twin stepladder, stairway stepladder, and telescopic ladder. It has also become popular among housekeeping staffs. The unreachable corners, attics, roof, ceilings are now easily accessible and can be cleaned beautifully using this tool.

The robust yet smooth structure makes it best domestic roof access ladder

Now a day people like to enjoy small and compact places to live in. long and decorated stairways are becoming history. Most of the places don’t come with roof access. To create very own roof access ladder people have to install light weight portable ladders like C.S.L. this ladder comes with security lock with each setup to stability. The smooth operation of the ladder can be done by rung by rung extension; this ensures safety of the user. The heavy duty rubber padded base give a tight grip and balance to the ladder. The features of this ladder are so brilliant that even a novice can use it without any hassle. This makes this ladder the best choice for domestic roof access ladder or attic ladder.

The safety and flexibility features of this roof access ladder

The most notable feature of this one is the flexibility and the safety measures of it. This one has stability lock for every set up. The manufacturer has done a brief research before configuring a tool like this. The aerospace grade aluminium alloy gives ultra light weight also the sturdiness. This is very important for flexibility. This ladder can be transformed into almost any form useful for professional craftsman work and also domestic purpose. Also it perfectly fits on rocky or uneven surfaces, which means it is good for outdoor works too. The ladder can be transformed into a very light and small kit to fit in any corner of house, garage or track.

Advantages of this roof access ladder

The most important advantages of this ladder are flexibility and safety. The usage and set up is so easy that anyone and everyone can use it. Let’s have a look on the advantageous features of this ladder.

  • This is made of aerospace grade aluminium alloy for light weight and sturdiness.
  • It is 16.5ft professional wide step telescopic extension ladder
  • Heavy duty rubber padded base to prevent slipping tendency.
  • It can be transformed into twin stepladder, stairway stepladder, and telescopic ladder and has two scaffold ladder

Disadvantages of this roof access ladder

Users around the world have never complained about this ladder. It is recommended to go through the manual thoroughly before using this otherwise people can get harmed of improper usage.


This is undoubtedly the best roof access ladder and a great climbing tool to invest on. Being an extension ladder it is ideal for helping people whoever uses them. Moreover, customers need not to worry about the storage of this very useful climbing tool at all.


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