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Unlike other platform ladders, this Flip-N-Lite ladder has got the best ladders review from every critics and climbing tool designers. To make these types of ladders inexpensive most of the manufacturers compromise with the material used and the safety measures of the ladder. But the Little Giant Flip-N-Lite is designed as a safe without being expensive at all. It flips open very easily with soft touch. The deep rungs and large platform base offers secure and strong base for the ladder. This makes it the best rated ladder in the market. It is best for any kind of domestic use. This light weight perfectly safe climbing tool is for everyone from a professional craftsman to a busy do-by-yourself.

The foot support has brought best rated ladder reviews to it

This ladder allows the user completely stable and comfortable place to stand or settle while working. At 14.5 in X12in., structure this ladder stands on a wide base platform which offers heel-to-toe support to the user, eliminating the foot pain, fatigue of feet. This best ladder brand is made of aluminium, which makes it light weight yet robust and sturdy for any work. The tall and smooth handrail provides even more stability, safety and support to the user while caring boxes in hand and climbing the ladder. For this quality this ladder is rated as the best rated ladder available in the market.

The heavy duty construction of the ladder

This ladder is designed to be a truly light weight and easy to handle ladder. Yet the robust construction of the ladder proves it to be a heavy duty ladder. The duty rating of the ladder is 300Ibs on each step including the user. This rating is way to higher than the rating of OSHA and ANSI standards provided for the safety and security measures of the product. This has also been in the favour of its being the best rated ladder in the market.

Advantages of the ladder

This has always been a five star rated tool for everyone. Let’s have a look on the advantages of this ladder.

  • Ultra light weight design. The model only weights 8.7Ibs.
  • The design of the ladder is industrial-rated.
  • Huge and comfortable standing platform.
  • Slim structure of the ladder is best for easy transportation.
  • Heavy duty rated ladder. The duty rating is 300Ibs on each platform step.

Disadvantage of the ladder

Due to its light weight many people often questions about the credibility of the ladder. But those have used this climbing tool have never complained about it. The easy to handle and transport tool has been favourite of many ever since it has been launched in the market. But still it is recommended to use it only after going through the manual thoroughly. Otherwise fatal accidents can happen by misusing the ladder.


According to the manufactures, they have never compromised with the safety and construction of the product. This Flip-N-Lite 15270-0016 footer platform ladder has been proved to be the best rated ladder within the budget of any and everyone.

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