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In our houses we do have places which are practically unreachable without the help of wooden extension ladders, like small attic. Louisville Ladder S254P is the best solution for obtaining access to such unreachable areas. This ladder is perfect for using in tight spaces where regular staircase won’t fit in and not expensive at all. This wooden extension ladder has a duty rating of 250Ibs and it comes with grooved steps to provide maximum traction force.

The simple installation and hang strips of this item have made it easy to install practically without any prior experience. This product fulfils all the criteria of ANSI and OSHA standards. This wooden extension ladder is perfectly safe for the whole family to use.

Wooden extension ladder for strength and safety

This wooden extension ladder is built to withstand 250Ibs pressure. The groove steps provide maximum traction force to support the ladder when someone is moving up or down. The heavy duty hinges not only smoothly unfolds the ladder but they also help to give support as someone is climbing. The smooth guard rail also gives support when someone is climbing the ladder with boxes in his or her hand. All we have to do is to tug the T-handle, designed for a secure grip when we want to use it and it’s open for our use. Also Louisville Premium Attic Ladder design meets all the safety standards of the American National Standards Institute and the Occupational Safety and Health.

The wooden extension ladder is easy to install

This premium quality ladder comes with metal E-Z hang support straps. This will help to install it very easily. The company provides an instruction set with the wooden extension ladder. Anyone can install this ladder just by going through this. The instruction set shows how to fit it in proper dimensions of the attic and floor and how to create a sturdier base when opened and how to close it properly.

Advantages of Louisville Premium ladder

It is quite sure that this ladder is perfect for use in home, not a professional construction. The configuration and fittings of the product makes it advantageous over traditional staircases. Let’s have a look on these advantages.

· Adjustable spring tension and E-Z hang strap system for easy installation.

· 250Ibs load capacity

· Wire rod under each step for strength.

· The ladder is of 8ft 9inch height.

· Elegant and smooth finish

· Guard rail for protection.

· Configuration fulfils all the criteria of ANSI, American National Standards Institute and the Occupational Safety and Health.

Disadvantages of the wooden extension ladder

People never encounter any problem with it if the ladder is used properly. Otherwise if used improperly then there are high chances of the ladder strip get getting loose and the steps getting slippery. This can cause fatal accidents.


Louisville Ladder S254P is perfect for household purpose. Customers all around the world have loved this product. It is adjustable, portable and fits in any corner; more over it has brought the most unreachable corner of the house within reach.

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