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The Xtend and Climb ladder is the tallest telescopic ladder available in the market. This is designed especially for people, who do heavy duty household works and commercial construction works. It extends in 1 ft increments and folds in 36 half inch H when not used. Easy to fit in any where the 6061 aluminium alloy structure of this Xtend and Climb professional ladder is a perfect addition to the tool kit.

The tallest telescopic ladder

This professional edition ladder can be locked by the foot and easily extended up to any height needed. Besides the design of the ladder is very handy. The Xtend and Climb 785p aluminium ladder may be the tallest telescopic ladder yet it can be folded part by part and stored in a small space. This makes t his one the best telescopic ladder for everyone.

Feature that makes this the best telescopic ladder

Aerospace Engineered 6061 aluminium alloy with a clean anodized finish is used in the structure and comes with tough rungs for sturdy footing. With larger duty ratings this Xtend and Climb professional ladder can withstand the toughest job in the field if used properly. But the best part is the whole ladder can be stored very easily in the corner of a garage or a truck, people can use the durable cover case available for this item. This is why the 785p aluminium alloy ladder is the best telescopic ladder for a craftsman.

Important features of the ladder

The Xtend and Climb 785p aluminium alloy ladder is the tallest telescopic ladder with many advantages. They are pointed here below.

  • Extends and locks very easily with no hazard.
  • The ladder can be retracted easily
  • There are locking tab indicators for safe operation
  • Angled thumb release system ensures safe handling so no pinch system is required
  • Closure strap and integrated handling ensures portability
  • It is ANSI/OSHA rated and comes with six month warranty

Some disadvantages of 785p aluminium ladder

This product can create some disadvantages. These disadvantages can be like this.

  • People sometimes faces problem in retracting and extending the ladder. To solve this they have to go through the user manual with the item very carefully and handle the product with care. Otherwise people can be harmed with this product.
  • The light weight of the product sometimes confuses people about the efficiency of it. After using the bulky ladders for long time people start to think that they have to give much effort to handle these professional tools. This kind of thinking sometimes ensures damage to the item and even the user. The locks may be get jammed or the ladder structure can be damaged, the handles can get broken, the strips can be misplaced.


It is not a child’s play tool. It is a professional one for those who take their works very seriously. Without this simple understanding this simple and best telescopic ladder can be a disaster for anyone. Otherwise this light weight ladder can be a very good tool for any professional craftsman.

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