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Werner MT-22 is a professional grade best telescoping ladder with heavy duty non-defacing feet for double reverted steps and slip resistance. This versatile ladder helps you to get your job done smoothly. Ideal for both indoor and outdoor works this ladder has the best user-friendly features. This multi ladder of Werner MT series can easily transformed into any shape suited for any job. This ladder can be transformed into extension ladder or a stair stepladder, or two scaffold ladder, or twin stepladder or A-ladder, anything.

Easily convertible structure and height adjustments make this the best telescoping ladder

Werner MT-22 comes with soft touch push knob locking hinges and J-hooks. The earlier one enables the inner section of the ladder to be folded into three positions. They are twin stepladder, storage and extension ladder. In the stepladder position this ladder has a capacity of 300 Ibs per side including the person and materials. By disengaging the J-locks on the either sides and telescoping the section out up to desired length, the height of the ladder can be adjusted. This gives one foot increment each. After doing this the J-hooks have to be reengaged to set the ladder. This is so easy to use. This is why it is the best telescoping ladder available in the market.

Strong and durable configuration of the best telescoping ladder

The Werner MT-22 ladder is designed with aerospace grade aluminium alloy to give a ultra light and ultra strong configuration. the double reverted steps provide long-lasting durable configuration and the extra wide bottom provides firm grip. Also the smooth curve side rails ensure safe and comfortable climbing. This is best for any kind of heavy duty work of both indoor and outdoor. This is durable configuration of the multi ladder MT-22 of Werner Manufacturer makes it the best telescoping ladder available in the market.

The advantages of the best telescoping ladder

The MT series multi ladder comes with many advantages which in the professional view is just marvellous. Owning a Werner MT-22 ladder is like having solve of any problem in hand for a professional craftsman. Let’s have a look on the advantages which make it the best telescoping ladder.

  • It is a 22ft multiladder with a duty rate of 300 Ibs
  • It can be converted into 2 person stepladder or extension ladder or scaffold ladder with 28 different heights and positions.
  • It has an extension ladder height of 11 ft to 15 ft and stepladder height of 5ft to 9ft.
  • This a professional grade ladder with double reverted steps and heavy duty non-marring feet for slip resistance.
  • The soft touch knobs and hooks ensure the versatility of the ladder.
  • It also has an extra wide firm feet support.

Disadvantages of the ladder

The disadvantage of this item is that sometimes people get hurt while using this.


For over sixty years Werner manufacturer is supplying their climbing equipments to the professional craftsmen. This name represents the best telescoping ladder brand. Now it is highly recommended to use it as per the instructions.

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